Words Rock! Demo

Words Rock! Demo

Words Rock! is a wonderful game that will help children improve literacy skills
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Words Rock! developed by EdAlive, is a wonderful game addressed to children and teenagers that will help them develop literacy skills while providing hours of sheer fun. Words Rock combines an engaging gameplay with an excellent grammar content that will make them succeed at school.

The game allows up to four players to play at the same time, and its objective is to outsmart the other competitors by capturing slugs and solving questions related to grammar, spelling, syntax, and other aspects of language. The action takes place in a board where every player takes turns to find the invisible slugs by clicking on key board places. The individual goal of every player is to reach the title of Slug Buster. To help players in their task, the game provides a number of useful gadgets that will detect slugs more easily.
Words Rock has a total of thirteen levels in its full version, and each one is divided into rounds. In between rounds, players will be facing different language-based challenges, for example, to detect misspelled words, group words with the same sound, find the subject in a sentence, etc., all with different levels of difficulty and original content based on British and Australia curricula, which can be used by all English speakers. Words Rock! is visually very attractive, with beautiful colorful graphics, and cool sound effects.

Mariel Rearte
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